1860 Winston County Complete Census

Transcribed by Peter J. Gossett

It will take a minute to load these files. This is a complete transcription of the 1860 Winston County Census, Schedule 1 (Free Inhabitants). Donít forget to check out the notes at the bottom of the pages. Column number 6 has been deleted due to no entries in that field on the original census; column number 14 has also been deleted due to few entries. Those few entries can be found in bold in the notes. Since there were two divisions of this county during this census, a zero was added in before the family number on the second division so it will be less confusing. Also on the first division, the enumerator left off the "c" in a last name beginning with Mc. This error has been corrected.

Division 1, Family # 1-175
Division 1, Family # 176-348
Division 2, Family # 01-0149
Division 2, Family # 0150-0303
1860 Winston County Census Slave Schedule
1860 Winston County Mortality Schedule