Alabama Official and Statistical Register

The following are miscellaneous reports (a few births and county officials) from the Alabama Official and Statistical Register, 1903, 1907 and 1911, compiled by Thomas M. Owen, Director of the State of Alabama Department of Archives and History. Many thanks to Robin Sterling.

Page 84

Patrick Henry Newman, of Double Springs, was born September 20, 1846, in Elbert County, Ga., and is the son of James Henry Newman, a native of Ireland, who emigrated to Floyd County, Ga., and wife Elizabeth, daughter of Hough and Nancy Agnes Beggs. Mr. Newman received his education in the common schools of Floyd County. On August 13, 1862, he enlisted in the Nineteenth Alabama regiment, infantry, C.S.A. He was transferred in the spring of 1864 at Dalton, Ga., to the Eighth regiment, Georgia infantry, and was paroled May 12, 1865. He participated in twenty-two general battles, and many skirmishes in his term of service. After returning home he worked on a railroad; settled in Winston County; taught in the public schools for several years; and April, 1885, was admitted to the bar. in 1880, and in 1884, he was a member of the general assembly, and in 1902 he was re-elected as an independent Democrat against the regular party nominee. He is a Primitive Baptist. On March 12, 1865, he was married in Bartow County, a., to Octavia T., daughter of John and Eliza Hadder, of that county.

Page 112, Winston County elected officials, 1903

Probate Judge, R.L. Blanton, Double Springs
Circuit Court Clerk, Z. McVay, Double Springs
Register in Chancery, S. Lacey, Jasper
Sheriff, J.W. Maxwell, Double Springs
Tax Assessor, H.A. Wright, Addison
Tax Collector, R.A. Hill, Houston
Superintendent of Education, C.A. Olivet, Addison
Treasurer, S.H. Wilson, Double Springs
Tax Commissioner, Charles D. Hudgins, Double Springs
Coroner, A.L. Michael, Double Springs
Surveyor, J.S. Phillips, Double Springs

1907 edition of same series:

Page 119,

William Marion Barton, of Lynn, Winston County, was born August 17, 1856, at Gainesville, Hall County, Ga., and is the son of Jonathan Barton and his wife, who was a Miss Blackstock. His grandparents were Willis and Peggie Barton and Daniel and Patsy Blackstock, all of Hall County, Ga. Jonathan Barton lived at Gainesville, Ga., until 1858, when he moved to Winston County, Ala. He served one year in the 1st Alabama Regiment, Federal Army. William M. Barton was educated in the common schools of Winston County. He is a Republican; a member of the Christian Church; an Odd Fellow, and a Mason. He was married at Haley, Marion County, to Martha J., daughter of William and Martha Lambert.

Page 186,

Judge of Probate, John S. Curtis, Double Springs
Clerk of Circuit Court, Rufus I. Dodd, Double Springs
Sheriff, W.T. Williams, Double Springs
Tax Assessor, J.B. Weaver, Deer
Tax Collector, J.M. Tingle, Mellville
Tax Commissioner, C.D. Hudgins, Double Springs
Treasurer, T.P. Sutherland, Haleyville
Superintendent of Education, Z. McVay, Double Springs
Coroner, B.F. Neely, Double Springs
County Commissioners, S. McCallum, Double Springs; O.B. Norris, Lynn; W.C. Tidwell, Houston; H.V. Vest, Gum Pond
Surveyors, J.S. Phillips, Tavern; B.F. Steele, Moreland
Registrars, B.J. Cowart, Double Springs; H.J. Wilson, Mellville
Pension Examiners, W.R. Bonds, Double Springs; J.T. Millican, Double Springs
Board of Health, Dr. W.R. Bonds, chairman, Double Springs; Dr. W.E. Howell,
Haleyville; Dr. C.A. Olivett, [one missing]; Dr. J.D. Lee, Haleyville; Dr.
J.C. Taylor, Haleyville
Game and Fish Warden, Fred M. Wilson, Elk

1911 edition of same series:

Page 61,

James Jackson Curtis, of Haleyville, was born Aug. 18, 1871, at Double Springs, Winston County, Ala.; is the son of Benjamin F. and Eliza (Taylor) Curtis, and the grandson of Solomon Curtis and his wife, Charlotte Curtis, and of John Taylor and his wife, Eliza Taylor, of Haleyville, Ala. Solomon Curtis moved with his family from Denmark, Buncomb County, N.C. to Ala. in the early fifties. His son, Benjamin F. Curtis, lived near Double Springs; he was at one time sheriff of the county; also was once tax collector and was a member of the legislature 1878-79. The Curtis and Taylor families are descendants of early English settlers of N.C. James J. Curtis received his primary education in the country schools of Winston County; and his higher education in the State Normal College at Florence, where he graduated in 1891. He later took a course in the Birmingham Business College. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in Feb. 1895. His practice has been in Cullman, Birmingham and Haleyville. He was assistant district attorney 1895 to 1896; U.S. Commissioner, 1897 to 1903; mayor of Haleyville, 1907 to 1909; supervisor of census, 7th district, 1910; elected Judge 14th judicial district Nov. 1910. He is a Republican and has held committee positions from county to State. He is a Presbyterian, U.S.A.; and a trustee of the McGready church at Haleyville. He is a Mason; an Odd Fellow; a Knight of Phytias, a member of the Fraternal Union; and of Loyal Order of Moose. He was married June 22, 1904, at Cullman, Ala., to Lorena Hays, the daughter of Judge Asa B. Hays and his wife Minerva C. Hays of that place.

Page 135,

James Anthony Edmonds, of Natural Bridge, Ala., was born August 1, 1877, at Berry Station, Fayette County, Ala., and is the son of John and Manervia (Stoddard) Edmonds, the former of Natural Bridge, Ala., the latter of Stoddard Cross Roads, Fayette County, Ala., and the grandson of Nathaniel and Sarah Edmonds of Tuscaloosa, Ala., and of Samuel and Mary (Cooper) Stoddard, of Fayette County, Ala. John Edmonds served as a private in the Union army. James A. Edmonds was educated in the public schools of the county. He is a merchant, a miner, and a shipper of stone coal. He has held no office but J.P. He is a Republican; a Methodist; and an I.O.O.F, district deputy grand master. He married at Jasper, Ala., Dec. 25, 1899, Maud King, who was the daughter of Joel A. and Mary (West) King, of Natural Bridge, Ala.

Page 196, county officials:

Judge of Probate, John S. Curtis, Double Springs
Clerk of Circuit Court, Lee F. Dodd, Double Springs
Sheriff, N.B. Aaron, Double Springs
Tax Assessor, J.B. Weaver, Double Springs
Tax Collector, J.M. Tingle, Double Springs
Tax Commissioner, J.S. Phillips, Addison
Treasurer, T.P. Sutherland, Double Springs
Superintendent of Education, J.S. Vanderford, Double Springs
County Treasurer of School Funds, W.A. Walker, Double Springs
Coroner, Vacant
Register in Chancery, Lee F. Dodd
Game and Fish Warden, W.K. Jackson, Double Springs
County Commissioners, O.B. Norris, Lynn - 2nd District; W.C. Tidwell,
Houston - 3rd district; H.V. West, Gum Pond - 4th district; Charles Taylor,
Haleyville - 1st District
Surveyors, W.M. Beck, Haleyville; D.S. Smith, Double Springs
Registrars, J.T. Maxwell, Haleyville; J.W. Cowart, Motes; J.S. Phillips,
Health Officer, Dr. W.R. Bond, Double Springs
Jury Commissioners, J.D. Donaldson, Haleyville; S.H. Wilson, Double
Springs; W.L. Maxwell, Addison
Pension Examiner, W.R. Bonds, Double Springs