Barton and Hyde: The Move West

Written by: Peter J. Gossett
Sources include Debby Black and her book Barton Quest

It was turning cold over in Hall County, Georgia, in late 1859 when our Barton's decided to take a long trip west. No one knows what pressed them to leave during the cold months, but they sometimes woke up in the morning with frost in their hair! Their destination was Northwest Alabama, mainly Winston County, where the land was poor, rocky, and sold cheap. There is no doubt that our Barton clan traveled with a wagon train, for there were many that settled in Winston County from Hall County, GA, at the same time. According to Timber Ridge Baptist Church records, Willis, "Margrete," and Delilah Barton were granted letters of dismission in October of 1859. The main group of family members arrived in Winston County on Christmas Eve day in 1859. The reason they waited until so late was because one of Willis' daughters, Sarah, was due to deliver a baby so they waited until Alfred Marion Hyde was born on October 7, 1859. They had a little dog who walked all the way from Hall County, GA to Winston County, AL with them. Another daughter, Delilah Barton, was being courted by young Francis Harris. The two parted unhappily. Francis waited around a few days and couldn't stand being away from Delilah any longer so he packed a few belongings, left family and friends, and rode after them. The Bartons could see a cloud of dust in the far distance and hear the thundering of hooves. It made them uneasy. Finally Francis showed up at camp. He continued on to Winston with them. When they arrived in Winston County, there was no place for them to stay so they immediately had to start building shelters.

Willis Barton (9/22/1803 - 9/4/1891)
Margaret Nancy (Martin) Barton (3/11/1806 - 9/6/1891)
Their Children:
James Alexander Barton (12/7/1826 - 4/6/1914)
Sarah Jarome (Barton) Hyde (9/30/1828 - 6/28/1879)
Jonathan Marion Barton (12/26/1830 - 4/17/1910)
Delila Melissa (Barton) Harris (1/6/1833 - 3/2/1897)
William H. Barton (3/15/1835 - 9/1/1864)
Madison Matthew Barton (8/26/1837 - ????)
Gilford M. Barton (1/26/1840 - 8/1/1915)
Nancy Barton (6/23/1842 - ????)
Joseph W. Barton (1/20/1849 - 3/19/1907)
Margaret J. (Barton) League (6/7/1851 - 5/19/1928)
Julia Ann (Barton) Bell (4/8/1855 - 8/27/1928)

Jesse Daniel Hyde (6/11/1825 - 5/10/1883)
Sarah Jarome (Barton) Hyde (9/30/1828 - 6/28/1879)
Their Children:
Delila Perlina (Hyde) Wright (8/??/1852 - ????)
Mary Margaret (Hyde) Sims (6/10/1853 - Abt. 1922)
Martha Jane (Hyde) Harper (11/29/1854 - 12/16/1898)
James Hyde (1856 - 1876)
Alfred Marion Hyde (10/7/1859 - 5/29/1940)
William Jackson Hyde (5/17/1861 - 10/17/1946)
Nancy Emmaline (Hyde) Martin (9/13/1862 - 4/7/1898)
Ruth Arminda (Hyde) Townsend (1/26/1866 - 6/1/1922)
Joseph Washington Hyde (6/15/1869 - 12/21/1921)
Dialphia (Hyde) Manasco (11/26/1871 - 4/15/1960)

It was said that Willis never knew that Margaret died and that Margaret never knew that Willis had died, since they died within two days of each other.