Grandma Hunter And Her Predictions

Written by: Liz Elrod

My great-grandparents lived in Addison, Alabama, and in the 1900s they were one of the first ones in that area to own a telephone. It was during World War I, and grandma's son Hardy had joined the army. Grandma had been praying for him everyday with faith that he would return home safely. Uncle Hard, as he was called, said once when he was in Europe he and an army buddy were traveling down a road in a wagon when they came upon a dead mule. Uncle Hard's buddy got out of the road very quickly, and before uncle Hard could follow him he heard his mothers voice saying, Hardy don't touch that mule! He was so startled that he hesitated for a moment. His buddy had already reached the mule, and as he touched it, he was completely blown away. Uncle Hard was so upset and was still trying to figure out why he heard his mothers voice.

Once while the whole family was eating breakfast, grandma as usual turned her coffee up upside down to read the future from it. As she was looking at her cup one of the kids made fun of her for doing so. All at once she started jumping up and down and yelling, Hardy's coming home the war is over. About that time the phone started ringing, and it was the operator telling them for sure that the war was really over.

Uncle Hard did come home safe and sound just like grandma prayed that he would. You know, I am trying to figure out, is there some kind of witch craft in the family? Things sure seem strange some times.