George Washington Baird

Written and submitted by Debra Baird

George Washington Baird was born in Carroll County, Georgia in 1835. He migrated, with his parents, Dr. Hiram Henry Baird and Lucinda Norwood Baird, to Calhoun County around 1838, when his father bought land from Luncinda's brother, Theophilus Alexander Norwood. From there, the main family moved to St. Clair County, leaving the Calhoun County land to the eldest son, George W.

George married Amanda Emiline Dempsey in Calhoun County in 1856, and owned a store there until 1860. Their son, Hiram Jeremiah (Jerry) Baird was born in Calhoun County in 1858. As the Civil War loomed, both George W. and his father Hiram decided to move to Winston County, to be with those who thought more along the lines of a "nation cannot be divided". They settled at Houston, close to the town.

George W. was sheriff of Winston County from 1877 to 1879. His son, Hiram "Jerry" Baird, was later the treasurer of the County (1892-1900). George W.'s grandson and Jerry's son, William R. Baird (Will) was murdered by state militia-men for his part in trying to set up a United Mine Workers group at Slick Lizard mine near Nauvoo. The militia-men shot and killed Will's father-in-law, Adrian Northcutt, and Will shot two of them, in self defense. Even though he was found innocent in a trial a few months later, the militia-men broke into the Jasper jail where he was being held for his own safety, took him a short distance away, and viciously murdered him.

George W. died shortly after being sheriff, and was buried on his youngest brother Rueben's land in Wilson Bend, near Arley. Rueben married Mary Rebecca Blevins, the daughter of John Blevins, and granddaughter of James Blevins, one of the first men to enter land in Winston County.

Hiram "Jerry" Baird and his mother Emiline settled at Natural Bridge after the death of George W., and remained there until their deaths. Jerry married Naomi "Oma" King, whose family was from Natural Bridge. Jerry, Oma, and Emiline are all buried at Concord Cemetery.