Jake Miller - Died from Inhaling Rattle Snake Poison

Submitted by: Robin Sterling

(From the Cullman Tribune, June 12, 1908)

Man Breathed Rattle Snake Poison and Died. A strange occurrence happened nine miles south of Haleyville, near Natural Bridge, this county, last Tuesday.

While Jake Miller, a Winston county farmer about fifty-five years of age, was entering his cellar he noticed a rattlesnake pilot and shot it three times. Wishing to be thoroughly convinced of the snake being dead he took it into the yard and mashed its head with the heel of his shoe.

Mr. Miller soon took violently sick, but remarked that he was sure the snake had not bitten him. A doctor was summoned, but death came in an hour and a half after the accident. The doctors all say that death was caused from inhaling the poison of the serpent.