Family of Andrew Kaeiser

ANDREW KAEISER was born on Sunday, September 15, 1799 in Chambersburg, Lancaster County, PA, and died on Friday, September 02, 1864 in Winston County, Alabama. Andrew's father is George; George's father is Andrew Kaiser.

He married ELIZABETH TROTTER on Monday, February 16, 1829 in Lawrence Co, AL. She was born on Thursday, December 11, 1800, and died on Sunday, August 16, 1835. He also married MARTHA JONES CHILDS on Wednesday, October 25, 1837 in Morgan County, AL. She was born on Wednesday, August 17, 1791, and died on Friday, February 25, 1848. He then married MARGARET ROBB GRANT on Tuesday, July 18, 1848 in Methodist Church, Trinity, Alabama, daughter of JAMES GRANT and ELIZABETH WHITAKER. She was born on Friday, March 13, 1818 in Halifax, NC, and died on Sunday, August 7, 1870 in Halifax, NC.


WILLIAM MINOR KAEISER was born on Wednesday, May 16, 1849 in Morgan County, Alabama (near Trinity); he died on Friday, September 07, 1894 in Wichita, Kansas.

MATTIE COFFIELD KAEISER MOODY was born on Monday, July 19, 1852 in Lauderdale, Alabama; she died on Thursday, May 2, 1946 in Tuscaloosa, Buried Friday, May 3 in Florence, Alabama

MARIA LOUISE (RIA) KAEISER ANDREW was born on Saturday, January 20, 1855 in Corn, Trinity, Alabama; she died on Tuesday, January 21, 1936 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

ELIZABETH KAEISER was born on Monday, November 30, 1857; she died on Sunday, March 14, 1858.

The Kaeiser house used to sit in this general area.

Could this pile of rocks once been a part of the house?

This is one of the Kaeiser Springs.

Part of the remains of the brick wall built by Dr. Kaeiser's slaves.