Lakeshore History

Lakeshore community is located near the center of Winston County on Highway 278. It encompasses an area about 2 miles square.

The terrain in Lakeshore is rugged with steep hillsides down to Sipsey river which meanders through the community. There are broad level areas near the river which made for a good habitat for the native Americans who inhabited the area. These original inhabitants were numerous as is apparent from the artifacts left by them.

In the 1800’s, the area was settled by families moving in from the East. One such pioneer was Robert Alexander Hill who homesteaded much of the area. One of the houses constructed by him is still occupied and is owned by one of his grandchildren.

A parcel of land in the community was leased from Mack Wolfe in 1935 for the construction of a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp. It remained there for several years and provided jobs for many men. They worked on projects such as Sipsey river picnic area, Brushy dam, drainage problems, and roads. Also several of the girls in the community acquired husbands from the camp.

The greatest change to the community came in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s when Alabama Power Company purchased land along the river to be flooded by the Lewis Smith Dam built in Walker County. It impounded a lake covering a total of over 20,000 acres and over 500 miles of shoreline. The lake now provides water recreation such as fishing, boating, and skiing for people form a large area surrounding it.

In 1988, in an effort to develop a public water system for the community, most of the approximately 80 residents met and voted to name the community Lakeshore. There are at the present time many more residents, businesses such as Lakeshore Inn, Sister Sarah’s Restaurant, Vickery’s Well-Drilling and Electrical, Lakeshore RV Sales, and Econoline Trailers. There are also two churches in Lakeshore: Adair Chapel Freewill Baptist and Christ’s Fellowship Assembly of God.

In 1990, Looney’s Tavern Amphitheater was built providing entertainment and a history lesson for many people in its beautiful complex.