Moreland History

Once known as Morgan, the Moreland community was in existence in the early 20th century. There was a family of Morgan's living in the heart of the community. The current church in the area is called New Home Missionary Baptist.

The Moreland School existed before 1906 and lasted until August 28, 1967, when it was consolidated with Addison. It was located in the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter, section 29, township 9 south, range 7 west.

The Moreland Post Office was established June 15, 1899 with the first postmaster being John Moore. Other postmasters included William Watts, John Shipman, Martin Peak, and William Smith. It consolidated with Houston June 14, 1919, lacking one day being twenty years in operation. The name Moreland probably came about from the first postmaster.

From the Advertiser-Journal, August 19, 1937:

The community of Moreland lies in the central part of Winston County, deep within the National Forest. To-day this community has road access to every section of the country over hard-surfaced roads. Until Federal development, this section was the most isolated of any in this county. To-day Moreland is a comunity of nice homes, good farms, fine roads, a good school, and church. This writer spent last week in this territory traveling and observing the work being done by our government in the section from Moulton down by old Mt. Olive through Moreland to the Addison-Double Springs Highway. Picnic grounds supervised by the Forest Service, make this an ideal vacation land. There are many farms in this section with fine crops which are intelligently tilled. We found only one unpleasantness--the biggest crop of hornets ever seen--abundant everywhere.