Parcoal History

Parcoal was a town, or probably referred to as a community. Not much is known about Parcoal, as all that remains of documentation of its history is an application for a post office to be established, the postmasters listed in the "Record of Appointment of Postmasters," a few mentions in the newspapers, and early historical maps of Alabama. It can be assumed that it was a mining town, as it was estimated that the post office would deliver to between 500 and 700 people. The name of Parcoal references this as well. The Parcoal Post Office was established on November 9, 1904 and discontinued and consolidated with the Lynn Post Office on February 29, 1908. It had two postmasters: Joel C. Gray, Sr. (November 9, 1904 - April 18, 1905) and Byrd W. Day (April 18, 1905 - February 13, 1908). Parcoal was located about two miles northwest of Lynn on County Road 59. The application for the post office has it about 100 feet east of the railroad and one and a half miles east of Blackwater. The post office was located on the route from Florence to Parrish, and the application for the office was dated September 19, 1904.