Solomon Curtis

Written by 4th great-granddaughter, Joann Holdbrooks

Solomon Curtis was born in Buncombe County, NC, in 1797. Not much is known of his early life. We know that at some time in his early life he moved to Humphreys County, TN. No information is available on his extended family. What we do know is that he joined Andrew Jackson's Army of the 1st West Tennessee Militia, Peter Searcy's Unit, at Fayetteville, Lincoln County, TN in 1814. He marched with General Jackson through Alabama to Fort Jackson and participated in the Battle of Fort Jackson. Solomon Curtis stayed in Alabama after his military service.

He married Charlotta Heaton in Clarke County, AL on February 18, 1819. To this union, ten children were born. There were nine boys and one girl. George Washington Curtis, Joel Jackson Curtis, William Verpo Curtis, Thomas Pinkney Curtis, James G. Curtis, Benjamin Franklin Curtis, Darrell Hollis Curtis, Louisa Jane Curtis (Taylor), John Wesley Curtis, and Jasper Newton Curtis.

Solomon and Charlotta moved frequently during their early years. Some of the early places they lived were Fayette County, AL 1830; Lamar County, AL 1838; Marion County, AL 1840; Tippah County, MS 1850; and Winston County, AL about 1855.

Solomon was a merchant and land owner. He owned a store in Littleville, AL. At his death in 1860 the value of his estate was estimated to be around $20,000.00. Fast horses and horse racing was a pastime for him.

One thing that made Solomon stand out so uniquely in the history of Winston County was his stand on the War Between the States. On his death bed in 1860 he called all of his children to his bedside and asked them to remain loyal to the Union. The story goes that his father fought in the Revolutionary War and he did not want his family to go against the government of the United States. All of his children remained loyal to this promise and because of this, three of them lost their lives. George Washington Curtis was murdered in his own front yard by the Home Guards; Thomas Pinkney, then Probate Judge, was murdered by the Home Guards for refusing to hand over the County's money. Joel Jackson was captured and carried to the Jasper, AL jail. He was shot and killed there. Other children fought for the Union. We know that James G. Curtis and Darrell Hollis fought for the Union. John Wesley was a member of the 10th Missouri Cavalry Co. B. Many hardships and atrocities were inflicted on the Curtis family during the War because of their belief and stand on issues of the War.

As stated, Solomon Curtis died in 1860 leaving his beloved Charlotta, who died in 1893 and is buried at the Curtis Cemetery near Double Springs, AL. Inclement weather and impassable road conditions prevented Charlotta from being buried by Solomon in the Union Grove Cemetery.

Solomon Curtis was a man of mystery. He was a man that appeared to live life at it's fullest. He staunchly adhered to his beliefs no matter what the cost. He was a man that believed in justice for all.