Voting Republican

Submitted by: Robin Sterling

From the Winston New Era, November 25, 1910

A Good Story On Old Winston County. The talk was of Winston County the only Republican county which returned a majority against the State Democratic ticket in the recent election. The talkers in the Exchange Hotel lobby were half a dozen men who have been active and prominent in Alabama politics. "I’ll undertake to say I can find one man in Winston County who had some good deal to do with running up that majority," said Mr. E.A. deGraffenreid, the well-known Greensboro lawyer who usually goes on the stump in every Democratic campaign. "I met this man in the road several years ago when I was stumping Winston County for the Democratic ticket. He wore a heavy set of whiskers, he had his hands thrust down in his jeans pants’ pocket and he was barefooted. "Come over to Double Springs tomorrow and hear some good reasons why you should support the Democratic ticket," I said cheerfully.

"Not me, mister," he replied. "Not me. You’ll never ketch me voting the Dimmycratic ticket."

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, when Alabammy seceded from the Union, we seceded from Alabammy up here in Winston. I raised a company of soldiers and we jined the Yankee army. Ginrul Forrest got after my army up thar on the Tennessee River and he swore that he would hang every one of us if he ketched us. An he would a done it too. One night he chased us all night long. ‘Bout one o’clock in the night, I heard Forrest and his men coming up ‘bout a mile behind us. I drapped on my knees right thar, and prayed to the Lord. I promised the Lord if he would keep Forrest from ketchin’ us, I would never vote a Demmycratic ticket as long as I lived."---Montgomery Advertiser.